Tom Kessler
double bass


I began to play music at an early age in my hometown of Guadalajara, Mexico. My musical interests overlap many different genres such as jazz, free improvisation, electronic, and various folk music. In 2009 I moved to Mexico city where I was involved in the local jazz and experimental music scene, performing at various venues and festivals around the country. I have played concerts and/or recorded albums with Gustavo Nandayapa, Miriam Leo, Agustin Bernal, Arturo Baez, Giovanni Figueroa, Eivind Opsvik, Brian Allen, Hans Glawischnig, Laura Robles, Blair Latham, Gabriel Puentes, Pablo Aguirre, Alex Terrier, Elliott Levin, Tyler Mitchell and many others. In 2018 I relocated to Berlin Germany where I'm involved in various projects such as split bit and Papasquiaro (coming soon). For all inquiries email me at