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Born to a Mexican mother and an American father, I began to play music at an early age in my hometown of Guadalajara, Jalisco. As a teenager I lived in Texas and Since 2010 I have been involved in the jazz and experimental scene of Mexico city and Central America. From 2014 -2018 I was a professor of guitar and electronic music at the University of Sciences of Chiapas (UNICACH) in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico. Since 2019 I have lived in Berlin, Germany were I collaborate in various bands and work as an educator.

The Quietus
Obscure Sound
La Jornada
All About Jazz

Upcoming Dates:
Feb 22 Tripas @ Panke Berlin
March 21 Despapaye @ loophole Berlin
April 13 Mitleko @ dim things Berlin
Apr 14 Mitleko @ Salon der Villa Plagwitz Leipzig DE
April 16 Mitleko @ Alte Volksbad, Mannheim DE
April 17 Mitleko @ Centro Machado Cologne DE
April 20 Mitleko @ Andesground label night @ Vewa Dudelange LUX
May 9 Despapaye @ Bar Bobu Berlin
May 12 w/ counterblast @ Schlot Berlin DE
June 8 TK 4tet @ MX jazzatlan CDMX
June 11 Workshop @ Colima MX
June 12 4tet @ Jardin Trapiche Colima MX
June 13 Diego Franco trio @ Coyoacan CDMX
June 15 La idea electrica Jazzorca CDMX
June 16 Diego Franco 4tet @  teatro de la cd CDMX
June 19 Parker & Lenox TK 4tet CDMX
June 18 w/ Ian Sour @ Terraza CDMX
June 20 Diego France 4tet @ Zinco Jazz Club
June 22 Dairy Queen Trio @ Jazzorca CDMX
June 29 Despapaye @ 48h Neukoelln Berlin DE
July 19 Despapaye @ Quasimodo Berlin DE
Aug 1 Mitleko + Isma Tinta @ Punk Fest Vancouver Canada
Aug 5 Workshop @ Vancouver CA
Sept 21 Despapaye @ Watt Bar Berlin