Tom Kessler


I have been teaching guitar, music and sound in various contexts for over 10 years. Fom 2012-2018 years I was a professor at the (UNICACH) University of Arts and Science of Chiapas in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico. Regardless of the style or level I teach, I try to maintain a deep focus in music fundamentals and technique. To me, technique is the relationship between your instrument and your body, so naturally everyone's is going to vary and therefore my role as a teacher is to help you find yours. Whether you make music just for yourself, with friends, or as a professional, I always try to incorporate aspects of improvisation, ear training and theory in a way that can allow my students to find their own unique voice. Lessons usually consist of learning selected repertoire of the student's interest that exemplify various useful concepts and techniques and show how these can be applied in other musical situations. This can go from analyzing the harmony of a simple pop song so that the student can transpose the key and make a complex arrangement work for a solo singer songwriter to more complex jazz and contemporary improvisation methodologies.
I have a high quality microphone and web-camera to teach online and also teach in person in my studio in Berlin. Reasonable rates! contact me at to book a lesson.